Let us help you pick the right sale strategy for your home.

Every home needs its own tailored strategy, and picking the wrong strategy can cost you more than tens of thousands of dollars. We specialise in the following:

Traditional Sale

Formally known as “private treaty”, the property is advertised with a price (e.g. From $800,000 or $649,000 – $669,000) or no price at all.

Choosing the correct price plays a big part in the number of buyers through the home opens, and we will monitor the price throughout the entire campaign.

Fixed Date Sale

This is a potentially more lucrative method of sale which specifies an “end date” to the sale, generally 3 weeks after the first home open. By specifying an end date to the sale, the intention is to concentrate as many buyers together in a limited space of time, so that rather than only negotiating with the seller, the buyers will compete with each other for the best price.


A well run auction campaign can achieve an excellent result. The big advantage of the auction is that if executed correctly, an auction will provide the quickest method of sale. As far as we know, we are the only Agency in Perth that offers NO Auctioneer’s fee with all of our auctions!

Premium Tailored Marketing.

At Raspa Property Group, we are proud to combine tried and trusted methods with the latest technologies, to ensure the highest level of buyer feedback. We believe every home requires its own dedicated strategy to realise its maximum potential. From a targeted lead generation campaign to a professionally made property videos, our in-house Marketing Specialist is ready to put your property in the spotlight. Ask us how we can tailor the perfect marketing strategy for you!

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